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          AI NOVO7 honeycomb popular edition tablet computer

          Update: 2012/9/2      View:
          • Brand:    ainol
          • Type:    NONO7
          • Price:    458 RMB
          • Promotion:    455 RMB ( 0 Customers Bought)
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            NOVO7 can also be used for video calls whenever and wherever possible, and relatives and friends of communication. After a comprehensive optimization, honeycomb NOVO7 camera effect is better reached the highest level of clear and true.

            HDMI HD output +OTG +TF interface complete extended functions

            The NOVO7 with HDMI output function, support HDMI-480P, HDMI-720P and HDMI-1080P video output capacity, support up to 720 x 480 ( 480P ), 1280 x 720 ( 720P ), 1980 x 1080 ( 1080P ) of different resolution output, in the family of high-resolution digital video and audio equipment, enjoy a visual feast. At the same time, the NOVO7 support OTG interface, convenient data file transmission. In addition, the NOVO7 supports the use of TF card, in the extended function quite complete.

            " Easy to use! Good practical benefits!!! " plate, is the vast number of users need to flat, Jun is relying on the unique technology, XBurst, NOVO7 " hive with primary Android 3.2 Google certification 10Bit decoding capacitor screen" have the advantage, meet the most real most urgent need, 599 yuan enjoy the hive 3.2, only this one, no stores, Aino invited you, playing the " bee "!

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